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Organization Profile

Kiconco Grace Barbara
Asiimwe Allen
Kaiguru James
Founding Date
Feb, 2012
Place of Founding

Who we are


TURGET UGANDA is a Non Government Organization which aims at improving Reproductive Health of young people below the age of 25 years and women in partnership with men in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The organization will assist young people below the age 25years and women to improve on their socio-economic status and lives using an integrated approach in partnership with men.

Turget Uganda is a growing organization whose slot is to contribute towards improving the level of Reproductive Health services and standards of living of young people below the age 25 and women in Uganda through increasing access, advocacy, empowerment in partnership with men and working with other development actors.


Uganda with a healthy and social-economically empowered young people and women accessing quality,adquate and equitable sexual and reproductive Healh services.


Our vision is a competent and adequate human resources, appropriate physical infrastructure, and internal systems capable of delivering and promoting quality adequate and equitable sexual and reproductive health services for young people and women in partnership with men in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Core Values:

•Respect for human rights of every individual is a key guide to our work.

•Team work is the basis for all achievements.

•Respect for self and others

•Transparency and accountability is core in all transactions.

Guiding Principles:

•Respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy including the freedom to make one’s own choices, and independence of persons.


•Full and effective participation and inclusion in society.

•Equality of opportunity.


•Involvement of civil society actors promoting and defending SRHR in Uganda.

•Non-religious or cultural based.